In Istanbul these kids had stripped down to their underwear and were jumping through this huge fountain. Some old guy started yelling at them but they kept on playing. That water was filthy though. #istanbul #turkey #NoFucksGiven

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Another shot of Hagia Sophia. Upper level balcony #HagiaSophia #istanbul #turkey #languageofthewall #loganhicks

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Spice market stand #istanbul #turkey #SpiceMarket #loganhicks

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Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey. I have to say, it makes for some great pictures, but when you’re there it’s like being an overheated bee in an annoying beehive. I’ve never wanted to kill people more than when I was walking through here. Nearly passing out. Feeling dehydrated. Seeing tourist trinkets. not my thing. I’d rather just walk through the streets of Turkey without going to the Bazaar next time.

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Tell me again about how rough YOUR life is #istanbul #turkey #streetKids #MusselVendors #SometimesItsLikeAJungle #RoomWithAView

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writing on buildings makes me tired. EVOL piece that was part of the Pera Muzesi-Museum show Language of the Wall

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Istanbul posse in effect Pera Muzesi-Museum #LanguageOfTheWalls Lori Zimmer Tilt #futura #FuturaDosMil #HenryChalfant #herakut #Mare139 #CarlosMare #C215 C215 #MarthaCooper Martha Cooper #Psyckoze Cope 2 Fatma Cola Atakan OzdemirSuiko Hiroshima @SelinAkin Ayse Aktunalı Jonone Henry Chalfant Hugh Holland HERAKUT EvolCTink EVOL @TAbone #GaiaStreetart #Wyne #KR #CraigCostello #Turbo #NoMoreLies @TaniaBehar (feel free to tag whoever else I missed on this)

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worst-my-little-pony EVER

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Here is another shot from my Basilica Cistern. Hard to believe this thing was built in the 6th Century!

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Stores around The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey have some of the creepiest mannequins I have ever seen.

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Here is the second of two Medusa head columns in the Basilica Cistern. These two columns are the only ones that stand out of the 336 columns there. It is speculated that the Medusa head was turned on it’s side because it would have been too short to fit under the column if placed upright. They were originally removed from a building from the late Roman period.

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