DC trivia #2 – Who recognizes this staircase? it’s pretty well known to most who live in DC so you’re excluded from the question.

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National Cathedral, Washington DC – That’s right, The national cathedral has a Darth Vader Gargoyle perched high above. No Lie.

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National Cathedral, Washington DC – do you see that? in the top middle? Do you see it? use the force

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My new favorite painting – ‘The Lute’ (1904) by Thomas Dewing at Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC

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This made my day. A personal tweet from Hannah Storm about the art I did for Joe Iurato and ESPN for the #FaceToFace NBA show April 18th at 7 pm. Super Rad!

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The artwork that I contributed towards will be on “Face To Face with Hannah Storm” It airs this Friday, April 18th at 7 pm on ESPN and then again at 11 pm on ESPN 2. I’ll be posting more pics of our installations this week and a reminder of the show for those interested in checking it out. Rubin Mana Contemporary

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Big Ass Spaces

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I’ve looked at this building every single time I have driven into New York and wondered what it looked like inside. Today I got a peek that may lead to future plans with a very good friend of mine, doing what I love.

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Met the lovely @HannahStormESPN today. Me, Joe Iurato, and @Rubin415 paintd background images for various basketball players. These will run on ESPN next week during opening introductions. I will post exact times soon for those interested in watching. This marks the 4th time that Joe and I have collaborated on artwork together. It’s been one of the most fulfiling, organic collaboration that I’ve had the good fortune of being a part of. Thanks much Joe for making good things happen

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Went to the post office today to find this beautiful little gem from Stormie Mills waiting for me. Terrific book from an amazing artist. Thanks much Stormie!

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Garden gnome without a garden

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Studio view today

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