stare down at The Explorers Club in NY

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A sea of metal.

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One of the best things about having awesome friends who make cool shit? getting packages like this one from Jeff Soto in the mail. Thanks Jeff.

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Excellent weekend in Baltimore. fun experiences, good friends, going down and getting up. Exhausted, but looking forward to getting back in the studio after a bit more sleep.

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Concrete Barrier – 1 / Logan Hicks – 0 Now that my beard has tasted blood, it may need to be put down ,

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Face only a mom could love. George Washington on top of the Washington monument in Baltimore on Charles Street

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Hide yo wife, Hide yo kids. Tristan Eaton is coming to town.

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Photo by Martha Cooper – last day of “work” at ART History – Friends of Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project. NY Bound

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photo by Martha Cooper

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Big up to my man Clay Frye for coming through with the drone for filming today at the ART History – Friends of Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project.

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