Little a smushy face. #colabGallery

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Finishing up the files on this next little project :)

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Went to a pizza party in a runoff storm drain last night. People were dressed as teenage mutant ninja turtles. As far as turtles go this gal made a pretty damn sexy turtle. #tmnt #pizzaparty #curvyturtle #drains #sexyturtle

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TMNT Pizza Party HQ

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Went to a Pizza Party in a drain last night. Have to say it was a pretty good way to start the week #TMNT #Pizza #DrainPizza

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I downloaded the photos off of my sons camera yesterday and found this selfie he took!! Haha and yes, that is a cupcake bandaid above his eyebrow #myBoy

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Big respect to Jordan Seiler and Jowy Romano for the NO AD app launch (it’s FREE!!). Imagine a subway without advertisements! check the video here – http://ift.tt/1pQ85pZ

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Detroit through a filter #detroit #MetropolitanBuilding #comingBackSoon

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Freshly mixed by hand bottles of watercolor paint from WaverlyColor.com #WaverlyColor #waverlyColorCo #getSome #IKnowBillWaverly #MadeByHumans #ooooohPrettyColors

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Posting this kind of trolling, ignorant, extremist, fascist, bullshit propaganda is the best way to get unfriended quickly. If you would like to save me the trouble in advance, feel free to do so now.

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This is the type of email you get when your son learns how to use the computer and email.

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