Who in the heck told my son he could grow up so quick? How do I make him a baby again? He looks like such a young man in this photo. So proud of this little (big) fella.

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Laurence Vallières X Logan Hicks skull series 7 unique skulls Release date: Monday November 24th, Noon

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So excited for Monday to come and we can release these skulls!! putting on the final coat today!

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“Life is so strange when you don’t know”

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Laurence Vallières puts the finishing touches on the green skull before they are shellacked. They will be released next Monday!

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strips of cardboard from the Laurence X Logan Skull series. These were hand sprayed by me, then sculpted into the skulls by Laurence.

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The Laurence Vallières x Logan Hicks Skull Series!! Release date NOVEMBER 20th.

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in your ears. whispering secrets

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Joe Iurato found this in the Library of Congress archives and sent it to me. Proof that I am a pirate!! that settles that.

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Laurence Vallières has been putting in overtime sculpting these skulls for our collaborative skull series. Some real gems! Clear coating them tonight then working on the packaging!

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Exhausting day in the studio with cardboard sculptor extraordinaire Laurence Vallières. The LAURENCE X LOGAN SKULL SERIES will be released soon!

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