Never trust a wizard with a lazy eye

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Took my boy to Disneyworld for the first time and snapped this pic in the Morocco land section.

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Submerged hippopotamus in the background with a whole lotta fishes in between

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I really don’t want to know how they make this sauce. I want to know even less how it tastes.

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So here is a shot of the collaborative piece that I did with Laurence Vallières. So in love with her work. I did the patterning on cardboard, and she sculpted trash into treasure.

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BALTIMORE peoples – I’ll have a piece in this show that opens tomorrow. Terrific line up organized by talented Billy Mode Stop by and show support

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Beard Power with Lori Zimmer Beau Stanton Natalia López de Quintana Stoya at the Soho House New York talk by Molly Crabapple and Stoya presented by Moniker Projects

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This guy

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Here is the contact sheet from the batch of photos that Sam Holden took of me a week before he passed. I’ve never really been good at having my picture taken which is why always have a scowl, goofy face, or arms folded in every photo. haha. Sam took these 4 photos then said “alright tough guy, do something else with the arms”. I didn’t. I’m photographically challenged. This has handicapped my income potential as a super model but what can you do.

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What a terrific gift to receive this morning!! A portrait of me taken by Sam Holden A week before he passed, I stopped by his warehouse on a whim. I hadn’t seen him in person for at least 10 years. I come through Baltimore every so often, but there never seemed like there was enough time to catch up with everyone, so I rarely saw Sam in person. He always had a presence though. I’d see his comments of “YES” pop up on my Facebook every so often, so we were aware of each others lives. This time in Baltimore, I was driving by his warehouse and I thought to myself “I gotta give ol’ sam a call”. I pulled over with my friend Lucida Grande and gave him a ring. He was getting ready to meet someone in 20 minutes but said I should stop by. I rushed over and caught up with him like it was old times. He pushed things out of the way in his studio and we did a quick shoot. A week later I received news that he passed away from a heart attack. Couldn’t help but think there was some cosmic draw that made me stop by his warehouse that day. Who knows, maybe it was just dumb luck. Regardless, I was happy to see him, and happy to have him shoot me one last time. I wondered what would happen to the photos, but I didn’t give it too much though. A few days ago Matt Collorafice messaged me to let me know that Sams father has passed along the rolls of undeveloped film and that pictures of me were on one of them. Today I opened my door to find a fedex envelope with 12 negatives. 11 of me, and one of Lucy and myself. Such a bittersweet gift. Back when I was organizing events in Baltimore like Cones and Rods, and New Blood, Sam was there taking photos. He captured some great shots that day. I can remember the one of Scott Huffineswith boobs on either side of his face. I can remember the shots of Steve Albini and the guys from Shellac. The one he took of Shepard Fairey There were so many. I still have those contact sheets somewhere in my archives. I’ll need to dig them out. But until then, I have these. Thanks so much Matt. It means a lot to have these.

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