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Tunisian Exploring. Uncompleted mansion.Looks more like the house that MC Escher built than Tunisian architecture.

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Finally making some progress on my wall here in Djerbahood. I’ve been patterning this old school that sits directly across from the local mosque.

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This is what your feet look like when you take your socks off after painting in the middle of the desert. #DirtLeggings #SkinSocks #Thunderdome #HobbitFeet #Bilbo

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On todays episode of “What color are your hands?”

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Djerba security system. “Ma’am, the gate has been installed. That should keep ‘em out”

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Thinking of this guy

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This is me standing by the doorway to my bathroom. it’s a hobbit hole size. ceiling is 5’10″ and I’m 6ft. my head is now knotty as hell from bashing into it each morning before i am fully awake. good times.

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This is how you know you’re in the hood. it says “The Hood”

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The paint booty #Djerbahood

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Djerba by night. #djerbahood #djerba #tunisia

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