Traveling is beginning to lose its luster!

I have a good life, and I am very aware of the fact that I have received almost everything that I have asked for. With that said, I am still starting to get tired of the traveling that comes along with the lifestyle I have chosen. I love being at new places, it is just the flying there that gets to me. So I have been stocking up my frequent flyer miles lately.

This past week, I left LA to paint the showroom of Hudson Jeans.

I was commissioned to apply my monochromatic trademark pattern on the columns of the walls. Here is a few pics of the completed showroom. nice and soft, so it adds to the showroom, instead of making it too busy. gives it a bit of an organic feel

here is the stencil before it was sprayed

I was commissioned to apply my monochromatic trademarked pattern on the columns of the walls. Here is a few pics of the completed showroom.

In addition to the showroom I managed to get in my fill of visits to peoples I respect and admire. First was John and Jiae from Theme Magazine, who were kind enough to host me while I was in the city.

Their magazine is one of the better ones on the stands these days. After seeing how, and where it was created it personalizes it a bit more. Here is the cover of the new magazine:

I suggest checking out the article on the skate part in Shanghai. It is fucking NUTS! It is the worlds largest skate park, even though China only has 4000 skateboarders in the entire country.

John and Jiae, have a Weimarner like I use to have. Funny how that breed of dog was responsible for the friendships that exist between myself, Marc from Wooster Collective and John and Jiae. years ago Marc had seen a stencil I did of my dog, Sinatra (RIP). It was the first posting he did on Wooster of me. Then, later, as John was walking down the street, he saw Marc and his pooch, and a friendship developed. Weird stuff. I heart dogs.

Wooster’s dog

Theme Magazine’s dog

I managed to catch up w old friend and photographer James Garrett. We ate at this Kinish spot that was great. You cant beat the NY Jewish Deli steez.

Afterwards, we walked around looking at some of the art on the streets, and then caught up with another Baltimore friend, and Urban Planner, Shani Leibowitz for lunch.

I love seeing old street art pieces that have lasted for YEARS right in the heart of New York city. Here are a few flicks that I snapped while I was there.

old KAWS piece from 98:

Old Cost/Revs roller:

Old Cost flyer:

After lunch we stopped the Reed Space and say hello to Jeff Staple. The Reed Space is incredible. I havent seen the space since they expanded, so it was good to check things out. I picked up the Untitled Book while I was there. I have tons to read to do now.

On Monday night I had dinner with Marc and Sarah from Wooster Collective, Matzu MTP, and John and Jiae from Theme Magazine.

It was a pleasure to meet Matzu MTP.

I have seen Matzu’s work for a while, but never had a chance to meet him personally until the other night. Matzu is one of the more humble, down to earth artists I have had the pleasure of meeting.

On Monday I managed to fit in a good bit of visiting. In the morning, I went over to Brooklyn to visit Haze.

Haze bought a building in Brooklyn two years ago, and has been grinding to get the place looking spotless. Over the years, I have seen people rehab their houses, but I have to say, Haze takes it to a new level. Still a few weeks away from being completed, this spot is going to be the shit. New hardwood floors, custom windows, chimneys pulled out, the facade refinished. it is nuts.

After that I hopped the subway to meet up with Dave Gensler from the KDU.

We only had about an hour to catch up, but it is good to finally meet face to face. Dave is from Baltimore, as am I, and you can tell after a few minutes of talking to him that he is straight Baltimore. It wouldn’t be anything that other people could tell, but if you are from Bodymore, you can tell immediately that he is family. Dave and I talked about everything from the Freemasons to this upcoming KDU 555 Soul opening that is going to be bananas. All black on black paintings. I got a new copy of The Royal and then I was off to the Airport.

Oddly enough Danny Glover was on my flight. I asked him if wouldn’t mind if I snapped his photo, and he agreed, but the photo still looks like like I was getting my paparizzi on. Nice guy though.