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For those of you that dont know anything about me or where i come from i will give you a short history. I went to school to Maryland Institute College of Art in the heart of Baltimore City. I was originally from Southern Maryland, but decided to go to school at MICA.

Baltimore is an odd place. it is gritty, full of crime, and has have this weird gravity that seems to hold on to the people that inhabit it. I made it out, but i still admire many aspects of the Baltimore lifestyle. People there tend to do creative projects for the passion of doing them, not for fame or money, like people seem to do in Los Angeles. If you find someone in a band in Baltimore you know they love what they do, because you dont form a band in Baltimore to get famous, you know? in Los Angeles it is rare to find a band that doesnt talk about a ‘deal’ or ‘contract’ after their first show.

Along the way, i have met a few good people that made it out of Baltimore was well. Oddly enough, a baltimore person has a certain way about them. they tend to be be more direct, and trustworthy than others. not to hold Baltimore in a pedastal, but i guess Baltimore just has a comfortable feel for me.

Here is a list of some of the people that i personally have met, or know, that hail from Bodymore, Murderland.

Aaron LeCrate
The unofficial ambassator of Baltimore. Founder of Milkcrate Athletics. Currently touring around for the Bmo Gutter music CD


Check out his most recent stories on Batimore in The Royal, and Untitled

Dave Gensler
Founder of The KDU

the SVSV

the The Royal. Starting as chief executive officer of Native, the in-house creative solutions agency for The Roc, a family of brands built by Damon Dash, founder of Rocawear apparel, he resigned to forge new paths in the Urban markets.

Amir Fallah
Founder of Beautiful Decay magazine

, and a solo artist in his own right, Amir recently had a solo show in New York, and in Dubai.

Maya Hayuk
Member of the Barnstormers who recently did an advertisement for Absolut Vodka

Emily Flake

Illustrator who does the

LuLu Eighball comic strip

Arvay Adams
My business partner, and good friend, who runs Attica Skateboards, and Ogun comic strip.

Deborah Johnson

Friend who does the visuals for the band Wilco, as well as the band Calexico. Past projects have included Chocolat and more

Seth Ciferri
Shop Gentei , founded by friend Oliver, who spent years in Japan honing his fashion sense and approach to the streetwear game. Shop Gentei is Baltimore’s spot for mad real sneakers, skate and fixed gear products, Japanese and domestic street brands, vinyl toys and collectables, and leather and silver accessories.
JASE – founder of the BA crew, whose members include heavyweights such as Mike Giant

* Bob Kathman

Bill Stevenson