I actually made this trip last year, but forgot to post up on the blog. Figured since I have been going with the travel theme on the blog for a while, I might as well post this one


Whew! Finally, my last trip for a while. This one wasn’t as jam packed as the others in terms of art, but going back home to Baltimore is always a favorite.

Day 1

Took a red eye flight into Baltimore. Fucking hate red eye flights, but it was the only one that suited my needs for this trip. Got in at 10 am, went to my girlfriends sisters house to do some wedding preparations. The reason we were in Baltimore in the first place was that my gal’s sister was getting married on Saturday. After a 2-hour visit, we made our way south to my best friends house. I have known Clif since I was in middle school. Clif is one of the best people in the world. Anytime I get too caught up in the LA life, or anytime I think my head is getting too big, I visit clif. He is a master of common sense. We were supposed to have a fun filled night of eating crabs, drinking beer, and sitting in his massive hot tub. Unfortunately the jet lag caught up with me. I ate crabs for about an hour, had a beer, then promptly passed out at 7pm and stayed down til 10 am the next day. I hate jet lag

Day 2


We made our way out of Clif’s house and back up to Baltimore for the rehearsal dinner. I dropped my girl off so she could prepare with her sister, then went to visit my good friend Bill Stevenson. I owe Bill a great deal. Years and years ago, when I was first starting out on my own to start up Workhorse Screen-printing Bill was the first guy to give me an order. Over the next 5 years he gave me more jobs than any other person, and was always willing to help on any level. I became good friends with Bill in 97 or 98. I can’t remember which cause it was so long ago. It was right after an exgirlfriend and I broke up. Bill found out that I was living in my warehouse, which was and industrial warehouse. Without saying anything, and without asking, he gave me a key. ‘What’s this for?’ I asked. He just said, ‘you need to take showers don’t you?’. Bill realized that the warehouse I was staying in didn’t have a shower or tub hooked up (yet) and took it upon himself to give me keys to his house. At this point we had only really been friends for less than a year, but he is one of those kind of guys who if he likes you, there is nothing he won’t do for you.

Bill Stevenson

Bill’s shop

So to backtrack a little, I stopped by Bill’s shop. About 6 years ago, Bill, Chris Keaton, and another partner opened the Baltimore Tattoo Museum. The place is amazing, and has tons of historical artifacts. The also do tattooing there, so it is a one-stop shop for reading about and getting, tattoos. Unfortunately I only had about 30 minutes to hang out with Bill, but it was great to catch up nevertheless.

After the tattoo museum, I made my way to the wedding rehearsal and dinner. Then back to the hotel where once again I passed out til the next morning. I hate jet lag

Day 3

I had a little time to hang out before the wedding, so I decided to stop by my man Seth Ciferri’s shop, Read Street Tattoo. Seth is one of the best tattoo artists that I have seen. Bill Stevenson introduced me to Seth about 10 years ago while I was still working at Kinkos. Seth needed a mountain of color copies, so I hooked him up. He said one day he would lay a tattoo on me, but as the years passed, I thought he forgot about it. Then, about 2 years ago he mentioned that he still owed me for those tattoos a while ago. That is the way you do things. When people take care of you, you take care of them – even if it is 8 years later. Seth is a good guy, and his shop is very polished, you can tell he put time into it.

George Dobson. Tattooist at Read Street Tattoo

At Seth’s shop I also had the good fortune to run into Peter Goode, who moved to Baltimore from Rhode Island. I had been familiar with Peters work for a few years, but we only talked through email. It was nice to finally put a face to the artwork. Really nice guy too.

After Seths shop it was off to the Wedding. It was a nice ceremony, and because the groom was Scottish, they had a bagpipe player. Anything with a bagpipe is instantly cool. After a long night, finally made it back to the hotel and passed out.

Weddings make you tired

Me and Kristen

Post wedding dinner

Day 4

Got up bright and early to have breakfast with my good friend, Bill Rash at my favorite Baltimore breakfast spot, The Morning Edition. Bill is friend who I met when I was still putting shows together in my old warehouse near the Maryland Institute College of Art. Bill was in a band Circle Six, but has since moved on to getting his masters degree in public affairs. Bill is on point. He has been there for me on more than one occasion. One thing I like about Baltimore people is that they are loyal. Sometimes Los Angeles bothers me because people here don’t have as much loyalty, but the folks in Baltimore don’t fuck w you if they don’t like you, and if they do they treat you like family.

Morning Edition. My favorite place for breakfast in Baltimore

Bill Resh

After breakfast it was off to visit Oliver Jones, owner of Shop Gentei. Gentei carries gear by AG, Devillock, Lowrider, Garni, Crooks & Castles, Covert Org, Slyandrobbie, Medicom, House 33, Stussy, and a ton of other brands.

Outside of Shop

Sick Bikes

Friend and all around good guy, Mar

Owner of Shop Genti – Oliver

Shop Gentei, popped up about 2 years ago, but Oliver has been around for a while. Oliver lived in Japan for around 3 years and grew some roots in the streetwear game. After a few successful ventures, Oliver decided to return home to Baltimore and open the shop. The space was completely rehabbed after he bought it, and every detail is thought out. Each season the shop is overhauled with a different ‘theme’. When I first came to the shop it was the military steez. This time they were in transition, so no pics of the space that would do it justice, but they were taking down the ‘fixed gear bike theme’ and gearing up for the ‘monster’ theme just in time for Halloween. If you get a chance, go check the space out at http://www.shopgentei.com

After Shop Gentei, we went to visit another friend – Robbie Morris. I met Robbie through a friend, and we hit it off. When he got laid off from the DC metro one time, we teamed upped and worked together for a bit doing screenprinting. He got hired back, but that time we worked together let me know what kind of person he was. Hard working, straight forward, and honest. We still stay in touch. Even though out lives seem to have taken different paths; I have always enjoyed his company and outlook on life.

View from Robbies roof

More view


This is my old warehouse. I loved this place, but the neighborhood sucked

I had the entire second floor

Old Hand painted Sign

Old Baltimore restaurant