"Sailor" Mural: Timelapse Video

Curated by Brooklyn Street Art, I did this at Espeis Outside Gallery in November. It's the largest stencil piece I've done to date, at 30' x 8'. Hope you enjoy the video.


Collaboration with C215

"China Town" is a collaborative piece I did with C215 for the Parallel Universe show at Show and Tell Gallery.


Parallel Universe: Show and Tell Gallery

November 6th-November 29th, 2009

Below are some flicks from my show with C215 at Show and Tell Gallery. For more info and pics, click Here.






The Art of Rock

The Art of Rock is a show I curated for Green Day at Stolenspace Gallery. Here's a great timelapse video created by Tom Blachford.

Art Of Rock Stolenspace show timelapse from Tom Blachford on Vimeo.




Nuart 2009

Last year I headed to Stavenger, Norway for the 2009 Nuart Festival. Here's a timelapse video showing the progression of the piece did.


Here's a 7 part video of a lecture I did during Nuart last year.









Auckland, New Zealand, 2008

I did this while in Auckland, New Zealand for the Future Shock exhibition. The folks over at Sideroom Gallery filmed me installing this mural in downtown Auckland.


Nimbus Vapor Exhibition


My buddy Joe Russo put together these videos to support last weeks BrokenHorse show. Take a peek and enjoy:

BROKEN HORSE : ARRESTEDMOTION.COM from joe russo on Vimeo.


Logan Hicks / Broken Crow show
New York City
May 1st-3rd


Online Shop / New Website
February 4th, 2009


Welcome the the latest incarnation of the LoganHicks.com website.

This one has been a long time coming, so I am happy to say that I finally have a new website.

For the past few years, I have been meaning to update my website and to include a store section. However, because I absolutely despise doing web design, I have continually put it on the back burner. So I did what every other person would do - paid someone else to do it.

I worked with designer Arvay Adams (www.arvayadams.com) to redesign my website. The new website may look similar to the old one, but this one includes a few new features:

Online Store - The main change to the website is that I have a functioning store. The store is stocked with HDR prints, screenprints, and limited edition projects that I have had the good fortune to produce over the years.

Artwork Updates - The new website has a back-end friendly upload. What the hell does that mean, you ask? That means, instead of me taking months (or years?!?) to update the website with new work, I can update with a few simple clicks.

Integrated Blog - In the past, my blog and my website were two different websites. I have finally integrated the two into this website. You will find the Blog section in the main navigation above.



Well, why the hell are you reading this? Get to clickin' and check it out for yourself - www.LOGANHICKS.com

Locust Plague Screenprint

locust plague

This past December, I released a screenprint of The Locust Plague. This print was released by Theme Magazine for their 8X08 Print Show during Art Basel 2008. The print came out beautifully. It is a 5-color screenprint, with metallic flake ink. When lit properly, it has a stunning metallic sheen to it.

I have 10 of this edition for sale on the new LoganHicks.com website.

This is a 5 color screenprint.
The Edition for this print was limited to 55 (48 edition + 7 AP's).
All prints are signed and numbered.
Printed on frayed edge Arches 88 lb paper

Stock is limited.
Price: $350

To buy look above and click > Store > Prints

HDR Photos for Sale


As some may know, I have been pursuing a photographic series of work over the past year. I debuted a few of these photos at the Black Rat Show in London last year. Until now, there has not been any place to purchase these directly. They will now be offered on the new store section.

These photos are offered in two sizes - 20 X 30 inches and 30 X 40 inches.

Until now, I have only offered these as signed prints, but in order to make these more accessable to the people that appreciate the art, but do not care about the signature, I am offering the 20X30 size as an unsigned print also.

To buy look above and click > Store > Photography

Bloggity Blog

I am happy to announce that I am part of a new blog for Sabotaz Spraypaint. Besides myself, approximately 15 other organizers, artists, event coordinators, and authors will be contributing towards this blog which focuses on the urban/street/graffiti world. I am very excited to be part of such a stellar line up.

Come visit us at: http://www.sabotazusa.com/blog.html

The list of contributors is:

Alan Bernard - fukn mayhem (Kula Lumpur)
Billy Mode - Graffiti artist (Baltimore)
Broken Crow - Stencil Artist (Minneapolis)
C215 - Stencil Artist (Paris)
Chris Stain - Stencil Artist (Brooklyn)
Component - StreetArse (Auckland)
Dabs - Per Square Metre Gallery (Melbourne)
Daryll Peirce - Art Derailed (Denver)
Demer - Wallnuts (NJ)
Harlan Levey - NNE Network (Brussels)
Ice Cream Man - IceCreamMan.com (Long Beach)
Jeremiah Garcia - n10z (Los Angeles)
Luckystar Studio - LuckystarStudio.com (Milwaukee)
Logan Hicks - Stencil Artist (NY)
Luna Park - photographer (Brooklyn)
Myla - Per Square Metre Gallery (Melbourne)
Peat Wollaeger - Stensoul (St Louis)
Peter K - Albus Cavas (Washington DC)
Pisa 73 - CT'ink (Berlin)
Rone - youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com (Melbourne)
Samantha Longhi - Stencil History X (Paris)

This roster will be expanding in the new few weeks also. Look for an amazing line up of people to be posting.

Athens, Greece / Istanbul, Turkey


I will be traveling to Athens, Greece, and Istanbul, Turkey with fellow stencil artist C215 in late February. Anyone who has been to either city and has suggestions on architecture to see, places to visit, or things to do, feel free to write me directly at logan@workhorsevisuals.com

I am anxious to visit both of these cities and I suspect that the rich history that each city has to offer will be amazing for my artwork.


I have a few other things that I am on the verge of confirming, but I can't elaborate on them just yet. Stay tuned for the full announcement on the following:

- I am working on a project for the band Green Day, along with 16 other artists. Details on this should be released within the next month.

- I also organzied a live painting art tour for this summer that will travel to 46 different cities in the United States and Canada. Although we are still waiting for the signature that will lock this in, i feel 100% certain that this will be finalized in one or two months. The tour will consist of approximately one dozen artists coming to a city near you. Line up and tour route to be announced once everything is finalized.

The Run Up Interview
January 1st, 2009

Years ago I did an interview that was included on The Run Up DVD put out by Upper Playground.

They did a real nice job editing it, and giving a full view of what it is that I do. A few of my opinions and viewpoints have changed over the years but overall it is an excellent clip




Modus Digital Interview



Back in July, I did an interview with Modus Digital Magazine in London. This interview was done before my solo show at Black Rat Press.


Modus Digital Magazine with LOGAN HICKS PT.1


Modus Digital Magazine with LOGAN HICKS PT.2