Did a podcast for Widewalls a few weeks back. have a listen here:


From Widewalls:

“Logan Hicks almost ended up being a print screening artist. Luckily, his career took him elsewhere, as he was “terrible at it” (his words, not mine!). Now, this American artist does stencil art, and it’s beyond incredible. Logan Hicks is mostly known for his urban landscapes that come as a result of wanderings around the city at night and trying to catch its spirit in a photograph. Later, he translates this, as he says, “living organism”, into haunting, yet refined and reflective pieces of stencil art.

With his work linked to photography, I had a chance to chat with Logan Hicks about his involvement with the medium. Often being exhibited along with his stencil art, we explored the possibility of him doing an exhibition of just photographs, or maybe putting together a photo book. We also discussed his latest endeavor, the underwater photography, which he used for the works included in the exhibition titled Love Never Saved Anything. The show was on view this time last year, at PMM Art Projects in New York City.

In a podcast interview for Widewalls, Logan talked about his beginnings, a not-so-great experience at art school and the evolution of his creativity throughout the years. We also mentioned his (unaware) meeting with Banksy, the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th, as well as his exciting upcoming projects and an opening he has on… Friday the 13th of March.”Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 5.33.37 PM

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