Logan Hicks with Beau Stanton

October 17th- 28th, 2015
Opening reception: October 17, 7-9pm. Tues-Sat 11am-6pm Highline Loft, 508 W 26th St, 5G, NY, NY 10001

Curators Lori Zimmer and Natalie Kates are pleased to present “Calm Before the Storm,” a two-person show by Logan Hicks and Beau Stanton, which opens October 17th from 6-9pm at the Highline Loft. Taking inspiration from nautical superstition, flood myths, classical paintings, life changing events and the modern issue of rising seas, the artists have created new paintings, multiples, and a site-specific installation of a reconstructed ship and captain’s study. A special print release party with 1xRun will take over the space on October 22nd. In honor of Halloween, the show will conclude with a costume party, “Sailors, Sirens and Sea Hags, in honor of maritime folklore on October 28th. The exhibition and installation will be set to an original score by Luv Jonez.

Logan Hicks’ interpretation of “Calm Before the Storm” will fuse the photorealistic stencil artist’s interest in nautical traditions with the implications surrounding the serenity felt before major life changing events. With a foot planted in acceptance of fate, Hicks’ new works will reflect both traditional imagery, such as his reinterpretation of The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, and modernity, such as the role of and reliance upon technology as our means of communication- which has created an impersonal barrier when receiving news both good and bad. For Hicks, the works in the exhibition will examine the driving force of fate, and the inability to alter momentum with paintings, aerosol on canvas, aerosol on panel and editions of aerosol on paper.

Through oil painting, sculptural works and multiples, Beau Stanton’s take on “Calm Before the Storm” meshes the artist’s long-time interest in nautical lore, relating the storied takes of deluge myths and divine retribution to the current concerns with global climate change and rising waters. Like Hicks, Stanton takes influence from classical painting and sculpture, weaving ancient superstitions with modern environmental realities.

For more info, Lori@LoriZimmer.com or Natalie@NatalieKates.com or call 862-781-0901

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