Just finished up this surfboard for the Juxtapoz Waves for Water charity auction.

Juxtapoz Presents- Juxtapoz Magazine has once again teamed with Waves For Water for a special charity auction to raise money to bring clean drinking water to communities in need around the world. This year, Juxtapoz collaborated with TFR Gallery, UNIV Surf Shop, and Chandran Gallery to curate a new group of artists to paint on surfboards as part of the charity fundraising efforts. Invited artists include Beau Stanton, Dan Witz, Grotesk, Brett Amory, Logan Hicks, Mary Iverson and more.

Thanks to @LoriZimmer for facilitating the whole thing for me.

Here is the bottom of the board:

And a detail of the patterning:

Here is the top:

Detail of the top

Another detail shot:

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